Daily Questions ?

When you’re on the right platform to practice for your higher studies, Fitto offers you Daily Questions where you could practice the questions that are chosen in such a way that will be surely useful for your PG exams as they are NBE Pattern questions.
Everyday midnight (12.00 am), Fitto User could access the Questions for the day and start answering them and know how well you’re scoring. And, please note, you’ll get it from a particular subject for each day. No worries. You’ll be notified of the next two days subjects and it is absolutely free to everyone.

This is exclusively an important section handled with much care and concern towards the purpose of having NEET PG Exam in mind.

PYQ section has REPEATS QUESTIONS (OLD & NEW) from 2009-2020 according to NBE Pattern
Questions are arranged according to the level of importance. It begins with the most important one ie. Frequently Asked.
Explanations are very short and crispy. And, they’re given in brief. It helps you understand and memorise the answer well either you win/lose.
But, keep in mind. It’s highly important not to make any mistakes while playing the PYQ as these are Repeated Questions.
Most of the FittoPG Users will be answering it well as you might have prepared on these questions when you started to prepare for your PG.
The SCORE at the end of solving Questions at PYQ will determine your strength to face the NEET PG.
You may check your OVERALL & SUBJECT-WISE SCORE on the Score Board present on the side-bar menu.

What more to know about PYQ before getting into the FittoPG App?

Try to complete all the Questions present in each subject
The score that you get from playing PYQ impacts your overall Fitto Points
You shall pass/skip a question if you’re not sure of the answer. But, will lose your points
You shall end the game in between, but, if you do so, you’ll lose the points for the remaining questions unattended
PYQ is absolutely to get trained yourself which makes you to remember and recall the knowledge in each subject
And, last, but not the least, when you’re thorough with PYQ, you could easily Challenge someone randomly or invite your friend and Challenge him/her and know your strength on a particular subject

Wait!. It’s not over, yet.
Please check below before you download the FittoPG App. If you’ve already downloaded the FittoPG App, keep your app opened beside and check for the following. We’re sure you’ll enjoy it.



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